CEO Bob Wilson Announces Increase in Pay

Increase in pay

In appreciation for your continued commitment and dedication in caring for our patients and to the success of the organization, the board of directors has made the decision to implement a pay rate increase. This is a statement of confidence in you and the people who work for our organization.  The increase will not be tied to performance evaluations, it will be “across-the-board.” All employees (with the exception of contractors, physicians, DMPG advanced practice providers and vice presidents) will see a 5% increase in pay on their August 31 paycheck (from the August 13 pay period).

In addition, DeKalb Medical will be implementing a minimum livable wage policy, effective the same pay period. Employees who currently make less than $12 per hour will see their pay increased to $12 per hour or by 5%, whichever is greater. No DeKalb Medical employee will be paid less than $12 per hour.