Annual candy rounds planned for October 26

Halloween collage

Staff are invited to pass out candy to our young, costumed friends from The Sunshine House on Friday, October 26 from 9:45 – 10:15 a.m.

The children will parade down the ground floor of Emory Decatur Hospital from Elevator D to Elevator B.

Staff may wear a costume while they distribute candy. This year, we are asking staff to bring a bag of candy to distribute.


More than 100 women seen at annual breast cancer screening event

Breast event collage

Last Saturday, Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Hillandale Hospital hosted its annual breast cancer screenings day to provide exams and mammograms.

A total of 125 women were seen. Many thanks to the physicians who gave their time to participate: Davina Dansby, Tonya Echols Cole, Carmen Echols, Gulshan Harjee, Kristi Kinsey-Gotier, Caryn Johnson, Sean McGrath, Arpan Patel, Qammar Rashid, and David Sheppard.


Tips on how to protect yourself and valuables at work

helpful tips               Office/Work Area Security

Tips on how to enhance security within your work environment

Avoid thefts of opportunity. Opportunity theft is the direct result of property and valuables left unattended and unsecured, even for short periods of time, which provides a thief with the opportunity to steal your valuables. Opportunity thefts are the most preventable crimes that occur.

Always secure your valuables and personal belongings, including cell phones, iPods, iPads and other electronics, in a locked cabinet.

Keep items of value out of sight and secured. Do not bring items of significant value to work and do not carry large sums of cash. If you cannot secure the items, carrying them with you is the best bet.

Mark your valuables in some distinctive fashion.

Ensure that laptops are secured with a cable on your desk.

Carry the key to your file cabinets or desk drawer with you, or keep your keys in a secured area. (Depending on your position, if you leave work items locked up and you are absent from work, someone else may need legitimate access to your work materials – so make sure to have an extra key).

Turn off your computer at night or protect access to your personal or confidential

information on your computer by using a password; you can “lock” your desktop when you step away from your computer for any length of time.

Empty out your pockets prior to hanging your coat in a public closet. Familiarize yourself with all emergency exits.

If you are alone and intending to remain in your office after normal office hours, please make sure someone knows you are there and that you are by yourself. Security Services has an “Escort Service” if you feel the need to have someone escort you to your vehicle after dark. Call 404-501-5339 (off campus) / 1-5339 (on campus)

Engage in a “community” watch effort and report suspicious individuals or activity to Security Services immediately.

Contacts for EDH, EHH, ELTAC Security Services:

1-1911 from campus phones (emergency only)

404-501-5339 from any off-campus phone (non-emergency)

404-501-5339 Dispatch Operations

404-501-5314 for Darryl Harris., Manger Operations

404-501-1906 for Rodney Sanders,, Manager Investigations/Training/Emergency Management



Congratulations DAISY award winners!

Each quarter, we recognize the outstanding contributions that our nurses make in providing excellent care to our patients. The DAISY Award is just one of the tools we use to create a great environment of recognition and to retain high quality nurses.

We congratulate Lorna Thomas, RN, Linda Cox, RN and Deanna Siao, RN, winners of this quarter’s DAISY award!

Here’s a snapshot of the comments made by the people who nominated the winners:

Lorna Lorna with teamThomas, RN, Emory Hillandale Hospital, Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Lorna…WOW! She treated my dad and our family with lots of respect! She worked hard along with Dr.Barrow and Dr. Idun to navigate difficult days while Dad was will. Lorna made us comfortable by always addressing Dad with sincere care. “Mr. Trim, we are going to give you Lasix through your IV to help you decompress. It will make you urinate a lot, ok Mr. Trim?” Lorna was very kind to us and took the time to answer our questions and provide updates throughout the day. Lorna, we are also grateful to have met you and experience your compassionate care. Keep it up!

There were more than 150 nominations and the top 3 winners were recognized not only for their compassion, but for going above and beyond to care for patients. These nurses were acknowledged by co-workers, patients, visitors and/or physicians for providing excellent service and showing exemplary care.

Linda and teamLinda Cox, RN, Emory Decatur Hospital, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) 

Over the span of a 38 year career, she has tirelessly educated mothers on the importance of breast feeding, how to care for a premature infant and infant safety. She has diligently cared for patients and their families. She uses her personal resources to give breast feeding moms a gift bags as a reminder for them to continue breast feeding. She has garnered the respect of physicians and peers with her extensive knowledge, kindness and adaptability. Linda has been a Daisy in the eyes of her patients in their time of joy and sorrow.

Deanna and team yesDeanna Siao, RN Emory Decatur Hospital, 4400 unit,

My father was admitted to the hospital because of a major stroke. He was also suffering from profound grief because of the death of a family member. Deanna was with him for most of his stay. Thank goodness she was his nurse. Her gentle demeanor, listening and caring ears and heart and her sense of humor kept him and me steady. She was one of the few who saw a man grieving instead of a cranky old man. She is the rare nurse that I felt 100% comfortable leaving him with.


Time to update your information in PeopleSoft

The Interactive Directory on the DeKalb Medical Intranet reflects Infor/Lawson HR contact information as of 09/08 and is quickly becoming out of date.

We want to ensure that the information you have in the PeopleSoft system is current and correct. Reminder: Only Home and Work phone was imported into PeopleSoft, you must manually update emergency/alternate contact information such as cellular and other numbers.

Please review and update your information as soon as possible.

How to Confirm Your Data

1. Log on to the Emory Storefront – you can do so from our Intranet

2. From the Emory Storefront, log on to the Emory Intranet

3. Log on to e-Vantage

4.      Click the Personal Information tile to review/update:

a. Home, Mailing, Email address

b.   Emergency/Alternate contact information – see reminder above.

c. Legal name and preferred name


EDH Rehab parking area is for patients and visitors only

parking picThe Rehab Parking Lot is reserved for patients and visitors with appointments at Acute Rehabilitation, Diabetic Education, and Member First Credit Union. Security Services has been alerted with a concern of employees parking in this area which is prohibited. Security Services will be monitoring the area and keeping record of vehicles parked in this locations. Vehicles that are determined to be owned by employees will face consequences as outlined in PRB-2007 Parking Regulations.