Want to learn about your Emory Healthcare benefits options?

In order to enroll everyone who wants to receive benefits, the Human Resources Department will host a Benefits Vendor Fair at each campus. No appointments are needed.

Benefits Fairs begin Tuesday, September 4 at North Decatur from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Bailey Auditorium.

The second event will be Wednesday, September 5 at Hillandale from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Community Room.

The third event will be Thursday, September 6 at Downtown Decatur from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Second Floor Administration Conference Room.

Employees will receive access to the Emory Healthcare computer network and other applications Sept 4

The IT Departments at Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical are working on getting all DeKalb Medical staff access to the Emory computer network and other applications. All DeKalb Medical staff will receive their new Emory Login ID on September 4 in a welcome packet distributed from their manager. The packet will contain a new Emory Employee number, Login ID and password.  Staff should keep their handout secure. Staff should remember that they are responsible for the information accessed using their login ID and password.

Here are some additional responses to frequently asked questions about IT access.

Q: What do I need to do to receive my Emory Login ID?

Prior to receiving your new Emory Login ID, you need to attend the Emory Orientation and sign a HIPAA/Confidentiality statement. You cannot receive a Login ID without signing it.  You also need to go into NetLearning and complete the Emory IT Onboarding CBL.  This will provide instructions on how to login to each of the Emory applications you will be using.

Q: What will I use my Emory computer access for? Why do I need it?

It will be used to access the Emory Storefront (network), Outlook (Emory email), DUO (two factor authentication), and eVantage (HR Benefits).   You will need to login to the Emory network to check your new Emory email and to enroll in Emory’s benefits thru eVantage.

Q: What about my current DeKalb computer logins?

All of your current logins to DeKalb applications will remain the same. You will continue to use them to access Lotus Notes, Allscripts SCM, and all the other systems you use to perform your daily job activities.

Q: Will our email change?

Yes, for a short period we will be using two email systems. Your primary email will remain DeKalb’s Lotus Notes.  You will continue to access it the same way you do today.  However, at hiring, all Emory employees receive an email using Microsoft Outlook, so you will receive a new Emory email address.  This is used to communicate messages from Human Resources and important Emory announcements, so you should plan to check it periodically.

Q: What is DUO? Why do I need it?

Every day we hear news of computer data breaches, so passwords alone are no longer enough to protect sensitive information. DUO is an application that adds a second layer of security to your online account.  This is done by requiring two factors to confirm your identity – something you know (your password) and something you have (like a text, phone call or an application message).  You will be required to use DUO if you login to the Emory network from home or when you login to eVantage to see your banking information.

Q: I took the Emory IT Onboarding CBL in NetLearning, but I’m not sure I understand it all. How do I get help?

If you need some help with your Emory lT access, sign up for a Live Support session in NetLearning. Sessions will begin on September 9 at all three hospitals and will run through early October to provide personal assistance with your login questions.

Infor/Lawson Employee Self Service will not available after 8/21

The Infor/Lawson Employee Self Service application will not be available after August 21 so HR and IT may complete the migration of staff data to Emory Healthcare. We appreciate your patience as we transition all of your payroll, tax withholding and leave balances to the new system. You may wish to take a look at your current information this week and make any adjustments prior to the information moving to Emory Healthcare.


Georgia Attorney General approves partnership between Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical

The Georgia Attorney General’s Office has announced the approval of the strategic partnership and integration of DeKalb Medical and Emory Healthcare, solidifying the unity of the two health systems. With this final regulatory approval, it is anticipated DeKalb Medical will officially become a part of the Emory Healthcare system on September 1, 2018.

“We are excited about this announcement from the Georgia Attorney General, which is a significant milestone for our two organizations,” says Jonathan S. Lewin, MD, president and CEO of Emory Healthcare. “By combining a community health system and an academic health system, the communities and patients cared for by Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical will experience an even stronger quality of care with more accessibility to providers and specialty care.”

The two health systems initiated their requests for a partnership in November 2017 through a formal Letter of Intent. The Federal Trade Commission approved the partnership in March 2018. The partnership application was then filed with the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, which has announced its decision.

“We have been working for several months with Emory Healthcare to forge a partnership that will position us to grow and meet our community’s needs for years to come,” says Bob Wilson, president and CEO of DeKalb Medical. “We are confident that being part of Emory Healthcare is the right choice for our community, our employees and our physicians, and are anxious to begin fully integrating into the Emory system.”


Linking AIDET to Hand Hygiene: Welcome to AIDETH

Engagement and Experience is pleased to launch a new approach to hardwire best practices in both patient experience and patient safety. We’re calling it AIDETH – adding an “H” for Hand Hygiene to our existing AIDET protocol.

The AIDETH approach is a great way to remind yourself to perform your AIDET while you sanitize your hands in view of the patient. Merging these two key actions helps both practices become second nature.

How can you help? As you enter the patient room, let the action of “foaming in” remind you to start your AIDET – greet the patient and any guests, make eye contact, and smile. Just as we’re keeping our patients and ourselves safe from harm by practicing hand hygiene, we’re using AIDET to establish rapport and begin to build a relationship.

AIDET isn’t just for our doctors, nurses, and techs. Any and all who enter the patient’s room are ambassadors for the hospital and our medical practices.

ACKNOWLEDGE Greet the patient by name. Make eye contact, smile, and acknowledge any guests in the room.
INTRODUCE Introduce yourself with your name, role, skill set, and experience.
DURATION How long will you be with the patient? How long will this process take? Give an accurate time expectation for tests, physician arrival, and identify next steps.
EXPLANATION Explain step-by-step what to expect next, answer questions, and let the patient know how best to contact you.
THANK YOU Express gratitude for their communication and cooperation. Thank family and friends for being there to support the patient.
HAND HYGIENE Foam in and foam out – every patient, every time.

Leaders across the system have been embracing this new AIDETH model. Join our efforts by providing a full AIDETH when you first meet a new patient, and a shortened version on subsequent visits.

We’d love to have your input and observations throughout the month of August. Remember, the Engagement and Experience department is here you launch AIDETH in your area in any way we can. Feel free to contact us at enagementandexperiece@dekalbmedical.org.

Physicians receive rave reviews from patients

The physicians listed below have been recognized by patients who have provided a five star rating and comment about their experience.

Faith Gray, MD

Dr. Gray of DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Lilburn Internal Medicine is being recognized with a five star rating from one of her patients. 

Patient comment: “I have been using Dr. Gray for almost 19 years. She’s very caring and compassionate. She is patient when answering questions and explaining medical issues. She is thorough. She has found issues with me before they became problems. Great doctor. I highly recommend her.” 

Scott Keller, DO

Dr. Keller of DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Mountain East Family Medicine is being recognized with a four star rating from one of his patients.

Patient comment: “Dr. Keller is the best!!! I can see him on short notice, if necessary. He has always been very good about diagnosing my issues, prescribing medication that works and following up on lab results. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.”