CEO Bob Wilson Announces Increase in Pay

Increase in pay

In appreciation for your continued commitment and dedication in caring for our patients and to the success of the organization, the board of directors has made the decision to implement a pay rate increase. This is a statement of confidence in you and the people who work for our organization.  The increase will not be tied to performance evaluations, it will be “across-the-board.” All employees (with the exception of contractors, physicians, DMPG advanced practice providers and vice presidents) will see a 5% increase in pay on their August 31 paycheck (from the August 13 pay period).

In addition, DeKalb Medical will be implementing a minimum livable wage policy, effective the same pay period. Employees who currently make less than $12 per hour will see their pay increased to $12 per hour or by 5%, whichever is greater. No DeKalb Medical employee will be paid less than $12 per hour.


Summer 2017 DAISY Award Winners

Summer 2017 image

Daisy Summer 2017 group

Patrina Ashley-Taylor, Wound Care – Winner, North Decatur

Here’s what a nomination submission said about Patrina:

“On many occasions, I have witnessed Trina’s patient, kind, selfless, and respectful attitude towards her patients and co-workers. She never frowns no matter how difficult the task at hand. She is always encouraging her team members and staff to do the best they can. She checks up on her patients, making sure they lack nothing and that they have the best experience possible. She exemplifies the “With You” because she is always available and present for patients through their difficult journeys. She empowers the nursing staff by educating them frequently and patiently. She communicates well to providers. She anticipates the needs of patients, staff and providers. She is a joy to work with every day. Out patients deserve the best care and we are lucky to be able to provide such care through Trina.”

Ashley group

Dena Horton, Cancer Center – Winner, North Decatur

Here’s what a nomination submission said about Dena:

“I have worked with Dena for 9 years in case management and clinical trails. In both roles, I have seen her go above and beyond to meet her patient’s needs. As an example, she took care of a patient who had advanced stage lung cancer. He was not one of the easiest patients to take care of but because of her care and compassion, she developed a rapport with him. She provided him a year of improved quality of life by advocating for him to get his insurance reinstated so he can continue his treatments and making sure his symptoms are managed well. She went above and beyond her duties as a clinical trails nurse when the patient’s disease progressed; she worked with the patient to get his affairs in order and she was able to convince him to write his advance directives prior to going out of state to be with his family. This came in handy to the family when his condition rapidly deteriorated. Even though he was no longer on a clinical trial, she continued to provide emotional support and guidance to him across state boundaries until the day he died.”

Chau Tran group

Chau Tran, 5th Floor Med-Surgical – Winner, Hillandale

Here’s what a nomination submission said about Chau:

When nurse Chau worked as my nurse, she never thought of anything or anybody else; I was her main focus. When I called her, she answered.

When I needed a hand with anything, she was able to help. When she said something like “I’ll be right back”, she would be right back.

She was very knowledgeable about her career and seemed to really love it. I think all of the nursing care was very good.




Pinning Ceremony Celebrated Years of Service

Pinning collage

Tenure Pins recognize employee years of service at 5 year milestones. ( 5, 10, 15 and up to 50 years).  Employees who reach a milestone in a particular year are recognized the following year.

For example: Those that reach a 5 year milestone in 2017, will be recognized in 2018.

It’s important to know that DeKalb Medical used to provide pins a long time ago. That program was suspended but resumed in 2014 ( recognizing those that hit a 5 year milestone in 2013).

We did not go back to provide pins to those that reached a milestone when the program was suspended. We just resumed the program moving forward.

Employees who had a 5 year milestone, but did not receive or pick up their pins since we resumed the program can get one (they have to sign for it), however I would wait until after the upcoming ceremonies to send instructions on picking up a pin, because the inventory we have on hand is specifically for those who hit a milestone in 2016.



DAISY Nurse Leader Award Winner

Congratulations Sharon Mawby, Chief Nursing Officer!

Sharon collage

Here’s what the nomination submission said about Sharon:

Sharon conducts herself with a high level of integrity on and off the organization’s clock. She is committed to addressing issues and following through to ensure correction for the sake of patients. Whether it is a minor or major issue, she prioritizes and addresses them and follows up. Although it is important to care for your own human needs, on a number of occasions Sharon has exchanged taking a normal lunch hour for an apple to provide prompt service on a patient matter, attend operational meetings, or address an employee need. She commits to serving others first!

Sharon shows respect by acknowledging and appreciating diversity of staff and customers representing various cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, and position levels. There is no variation in her interaction with individuals. She also values the time of others for scheduled commitments. For example, when she noticed this is not practiced by her colleagues and subordinates, she communicates with tact the importance of respecting commitments and how all that we do impacts our patient’s care.

Sharon is very genuine and sincere in fulfilling her purpose as a patient care services leader. When she interacts with patients and staff, you get the sense that she is very connected to your concerns and issues. She uses kind words, listens attentively, seek appropriate information to fully understand a matter, and even displays a genuine countenance that she is truly concerned.

Sharon often blows wind behind the wings of her staff to advance them professionally. She is not shy of encouraging growth and broadcasting the successes of others. This is not only demonstrated toward individuals but also the hospital system. She explores opportunities to advance the hospital in various practice areas for the sake of patients.

Sharon sets high standards for the staff. This is great because it sets employees up to always perform better and strive for excellence. She also holds herself responsible for achieving the goals set by the organization. She is a good example of do as I say and as I do. When she led a pilot initiative that would improve patient services, she always acknowledged that if the pilot did not prove effective, she was responsible for the outcome. This is what leadership is all about – not only leading but being accountable for the mission.

Sharon is a CNO who is very present throughout the organization and greets staff and guests with a smile and eye contact that communicates they are appreciated. She does not allow her high level of position in the organization to alter her interactions with others. It means a lot to staff, patients, and their family to be greeted by executive staff. It lets them know you see and value them.

Sharon models standards of behavior that should be universal in all hospital systems. Her service in the nursing profession is marked with excellence.

94 DeKalb Medical Physicians Make Atlanta Magazine Top Doctors List


We are proud of each of our DeKalb Medical doctors. Dawn Mandeville, MD (pictured on the left ) was featured on one of the Atlanta Magazine covers. Dr. Catherine M. Bonk MD was also named one of the Top Docs (pictured on the right). Both practice at Atlanta OB/GYN. See complete list of our ‘Top Docs below.

Top Docs cover pic

Last Name First Name Specialty 
Scott Andre Surgery
Gottlieb George Allergy & Immunology
Chandra Sandeep Cardiovascular Disease
Dorsey Anthony Cardiovascular Disease
Kirschbaum Paul Cardiovascular Disease
Suh David Cardiovascular Disease
Mayer Raoul Colon & Rectal Surgery
Storey Steven Diagnostic Radiology
Brown Darwin Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Jacobson David Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
Costley Chad Family Medicine
Monett Robert Family Medicine
Najjar Omar Family Medicine
Stewart Steven Family Medicine
Parrish Charles Gastroenterology
Rausher David Gastroenterology
Stern Mark Gastroenterology
Suh Jung Gastroenterology
Boveri Joseph Gynecologic Oncology
Spann Cyril Gynecologic Oncology
Bressler Adam Infectious Disease
Dretler Robin Infectious Disease
Grossman Ilene Internal Medicine
Patten Steven Internal Medicine
Steinberg Anna Internal Medicine
Kunjummen Binu Interventional Cardiology
Bootstaylor Bradford Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Molina Richard Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Onyeije Chukwuma Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Yeagley Catherine Maternal & Fetal Medicine
Simpson Lijo Medical Oncology
Muro Karen Nephrology
Pimentel Juan Nephrology
Weissman Joseph Neurology
Bonk Catherine Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brown Pamela Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mandeville L. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Smith Dominique Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jacobson Michael Ophthalmology
Rivellese Mark Ophthalmology
Stallman Jay Ophthalmology
Conduah Augustine Orthopaedic Surgery
Hyman Jon Orthopaedic Surgery
Karsch Robert Orthopaedic Surgery
Traub Jeff Orthopaedic Surgery
Hargreaves Hilary Pathology
Antin Todd Psychiatry
DeMarini Thomas Pulmonary Disease
TenHoor Terri Pulmonary Disease
Balfour-Williams Tosha Radiation Oncology
Benton James Radiation Oncology
Holladay David Radiation Oncology
Botstein Gary Rheumatology
Lieberman Jefrey Rheumatology
Champney Michael Surgery
Quinones Michael Surgery
Falconer Walter Urology
Levinson A. Keith Urology
Rose William Vascular Surgery
Sulton Jacqueline Pediatrics
McKean Lawrence Allergy & Immunology
Dourron N Edward Reproductive Endocrinology
DiFrancesco Lisa Plastic Surgery
Woods Joseph Plastic Surgery
Futral Allen Urology
Chen Bert Urology
Elliott Norman Gastroenterology
Gouldman John Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery
Hord Allen Pain Medicine
McCord Mark Radiation Oncology
Paxton William Nephrology
Randolph Erich Radiation Oncology
Rosenfeld Joseph Pediatrics
Srinivasiah Jayanthi Medical Oncology
Abarbanell Ginnie Pediatric Cardiology
Lloyd Michael Cardiac Electrophysiology
Martinez Enrique Gastroenterology
McConnell Michael Pediatric Cardiology
Sallee Denver Pediatric Cardiology
Videlefsky Neill Pediatric Cardiology
Allen Roosevelt Urology
Ambroze Wayne Colon & Rectal Surgery
Campbell Robert Pediatric Cardiology
Carter Richard Hematology
Chatoth Dinesh Nephrology
Cleveland William Nephrology
Durham Megan Pediatric Surgery
Lampert Scott Ophthalmology
Levitt Chad Radiation Oncology
Levy Alan Surgery
McDevitt Daniel Vascular Surgery
Sharma Atul Ophthalmology
Stahlman Jon Allergy & Immunology
Stillwagon Gary Radiation Oncology
Williams W Hamilton Radiation Oncology

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