DeKalb Medical is Recognized for Providing Quality Care

Quality careHere are three organizations that recognized DeKalb Medical for providing quality healthcare to its patients:

  1. Optum Health Bariatric Centers Of Excellence Certification program is designed to increase the potential for success for patients and the savings for their employers. As a Center of Excellence, we are recognized for performing more successful bariatric procedures. The result is better quality of care for the patients we serve.
  2. Blue Distinction + Certification from Blue Cross Blue Shield have a proven history of delivering exceptional care and results. Blue Distinction Center+ hospitals offer more affordable care in addition to having demonstrated quality care, treatment expertise, and, overall, better patient results.
  3. S. News & World Report High Performing Hospital for knee replacement surgery.

“Thanks to the support and commitment of our staff, these recognitions are a reflection of staff applying the IREACH values.”

Congratulations the RN to BSN Program Selectees!

Grant fundingThe following selectees (see list below) will receive grant funding to help them  achieve their career goals as an employee with DeKalb Medical.

The RN to BSN Program was established to provide an opportunity for current LPN or RN DeKalb Medical employees to continue their education and complete a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN). This program is in collaboration with CHAMP (Careers in Healthcare Atlanta Mobility Project).

Here are the recipients selected for the RN to BSN Program:

  • Megan Edwards – LTAC
  • Alson Lynch – LTAC
  • Brenna Simon – NICU
  • Patricia Johnston – ICU
  • Joseph Thomas – ED N. Decatur
  • William Thomas – 4400
  • Giandrea Holton – ED Hillandale
  • Natasha Jordan – ED Hillandale
  • Karen Warden – 4200
  • Leah Cunningham – ED N. Decatur


Earn Cash and Prizes through Cooleaf Points


What is Cooleaf? Employee Engagement tool used for Employee Wellness, Reward and Recognition and Volunteer Opportunities at DeKalb Medical. Cooleaf is a way for employees to connect with their colleagues through events and interest groups. It also provides an engaging platform to learn about topics important to your health and wellness. Points are awarded to employees who complete specific events. These points may be redeemed for cash and prizes.

How do I register for Cooleaf? Employees will receive an invitation after going to orientation. Additionally, employees will receive email notification each time an event is created in Cooleaf.

If you did not join through this method, click here to join.

To learn complete details about this program, click here: Cooleaf Overview.



To date, patients visiting the Emergency Department have not been impacted with the ongoing renovations. Areas have been closed, renovated and re-opened and patients have not noticed any changes. Phase Three, which starts on July 18, will have the largest impact on our patients as we close our main Emergency Department entrance to renovate the waiting room and registration area.

From July 18 to October 6, 2017, entrances and access points for drop-offs and pick- ups will be temporarily changed. Click to access the map: ED Reno Map


1.Emergency Department (ED) patients should be dropped off at the circular drive next to the ED.

2.Patients being discharged may be picked up at the Central Registration entrance.

3.Small deliveries (food, mail, etc.) will be directed to the Main Hospital Entrance. Delivery vehicles may temporarily park to the right of the main entrance. Staff being dropped off at work may also use this entrance.

4.Lab Courier pick up and drop off will take place at the back of the hospital near the delivery area off Bill Thrasher Drive.