Right Care. Right Place. Right Time.

Right care image

DeKalb Medical is launching an educational effort about when to go to the emergency department (ED) versus visiting an urgent care clinic or primary care physician (PCP). The purpose of this campaign is to guide patients on how to choose the best level of care when they or a loved one need medical attention. Knowing the right place to go saves everyone time and money.

We are starting the campaign, Right Care. Right Place. Right Time. with our own employees first. Beginning tomorrow, and continuing for four weeks, there will be a section in our staff electronic newsletter, e-digest, with information about how to choose the right level of care for your specific health care needs. This information will also be distributed in hard copy to areas that do not routinely have access to email.

Please encourage your staff to become familiar with the message in each e-digest as the fifth week will contain a quiz. E-digest will contain guidelines for the quiz and winners on all campuses will receive fantastic prizes.

You may also wish to share the Right Care. Right Place. Right Time. messages with your family and friends as everyone benefits from knowing where to go to receive the right level of medical attention.

WEEK 1 – Why should YOU have a Primary Care Physician (PCP)?Importance-of-PCP-Graphic

Please download and share this graphic with your colleagues.