Summer 2017 DAISY Award Winners

Summer 2017 image

Daisy Summer 2017 group

Patrina Ashley-Taylor, Wound Care – Winner, North Decatur

Here’s what a nomination submission said about Patrina:

“On many occasions, I have witnessed Trina’s patient, kind, selfless, and respectful attitude towards her patients and co-workers. She never frowns no matter how difficult the task at hand. She is always encouraging her team members and staff to do the best they can. She checks up on her patients, making sure they lack nothing and that they have the best experience possible. She exemplifies the “With You” because she is always available and present for patients through their difficult journeys. She empowers the nursing staff by educating them frequently and patiently. She communicates well to providers. She anticipates the needs of patients, staff and providers. She is a joy to work with every day. Out patients deserve the best care and we are lucky to be able to provide such care through Trina.”

Ashley group

Dena Horton, Cancer Center – Winner, North Decatur

Here’s what a nomination submission said about Dena:

“I have worked with Dena for 9 years in case management and clinical trails. In both roles, I have seen her go above and beyond to meet her patient’s needs. As an example, she took care of a patient who had advanced stage lung cancer. He was not one of the easiest patients to take care of but because of her care and compassion, she developed a rapport with him. She provided him a year of improved quality of life by advocating for him to get his insurance reinstated so he can continue his treatments and making sure his symptoms are managed well. She went above and beyond her duties as a clinical trails nurse when the patient’s disease progressed; she worked with the patient to get his affairs in order and she was able to convince him to write his advance directives prior to going out of state to be with his family. This came in handy to the family when his condition rapidly deteriorated. Even though he was no longer on a clinical trial, she continued to provide emotional support and guidance to him across state boundaries until the day he died.”

Chau Tran group

Chau Tran, 5th Floor Med-Surgical – Winner, Hillandale

Here’s what a nomination submission said about Chau:

When nurse Chau worked as my nurse, she never thought of anything or anybody else; I was her main focus. When I called her, she answered.

When I needed a hand with anything, she was able to help. When she said something like “I’ll be right back”, she would be right back.

She was very knowledgeable about her career and seemed to really love it. I think all of the nursing care was very good.