Auxiliary Specialty Sale at Hillandale

Sale image

The Auxiliary is hosting a specialty sale on Tuesday, May 16th at the Hillandale campus in the Community Room from 8am – 4pm. This sale features the vendor Masquerade $5 Jewelry & Accessories.

A few points to note:

  • Payroll deduction is available for all full-time employees only (PRNs and employees on intermittent leave are not eligible)
  • You MUST have your employee ID badge (a driver’s license is not sufficient) to use payroll deduction as a payment method
  • A maximum of $600 can be payroll deducted:

It is possible to have up to four (4) Splits at Auxiliary Specialty Sales, as follows:

  • 1/pp = $10.00 to $40.00
  • 2/pp = $40.01 to $150.00
  • 3/pp = $150.01 to $300.00
  • 4/pp = $300.01 to $600.00 MAXIMUM

On behalf of the DeKalb Medical Auxiliary and Volunteer Services, we hope your enjoy the specialty sale this month! We appreciate your continued support! A portion of the proceeds come back to benefit DeKalb Medical patients and families through the Auxiliary Wish List, which is awarded annually.