Spring 2017 DAISY Award Winners

Congratulations to three deserving nurses for showing exemplary care:

  • Nakeisha Person, 2200
  • Lori Leary, NICU
  • Dorothy Hinds, Hillandale 5th floor Med/Surgical

Spring winners collage

Nakeisha Person, 2200

“We have met lots of good nurses during our stay in the Joint Solutions Center, but this nurse has consistently stood out from our very first day. She is kind, compassionate, and makes the patient feel as if their comfort and recovery is her top priority. She never leaves the room until she is certain everything is settled and she never puts her responsibilities off on anyone else. She has been patient the entire time. I have never doubted that this is who she truly is – a warm, caring person who loves her job and her patients.”

Lori Leary, NICU

“This nurse provided excellent care for our premature son, born at 35 weeks, while he was in the NICU. This was a very trying time for us as parents and we spent hours on end sitting in the NICU with him. We questioned every decision and asked for risks/benefits. She reassured us about his treatment plan and gave us thorough explanations to our questions. She took time at the end of her shift to dress him in regular clothes so he didn’t look “sick” anymore once he had improved. We were thrilled to walk in the NICU after shift change and see him clothes instead of all of the wires and monitors. She is on our “angel list” for watching over our precious son.”

Dorothy Hinds, Hillandale 5th floor Med/Surgical

Ms. Dorothy Hinds smiled and reassured the patient that he is in good hands. “We are going to take good care of you”, she said.  When she found out about the patients condition, she immediately provided information to her patient. She quickly came back with information and took time to explain the patients entire hospital stay. Every visit in the room, Ms. Dorothy Hinds provided updated lab work, doctors upcoming visits, and always speaking with the doctors to come by the patients room to explain his care plan. We thank Ms. Dorothy Hinds for her outstanding, compassionate care!!