WinWin! Applauds DTC – Diagnostic Treatment Center staff, 4200 nursing staff, Radiance Carter and Tammy Poulnot

winwinWelcome to the WinWin! section. The employees listed below have been recognized by patients, peers and/or managers who want to showcase their wins. Please join us in applauding their great work. If you have a Win, we’d love to celebrate it, send in those Wins. 

DTC – Diagnostic Treatment Center staff

Staff are recognized by a patient for providing excellent care.

Comment from patient: “Had a procedure in the DTC yesterday morning. Everyone was extremely nice and efficient. They were diligent in verifying my identity and the procedure in order to avoid any medical errors. Shout out to my nurse, Carol, who took excellent care of me.”

4200 nursing staff

Staff are being recognized for going above and beyond to care for a patient and their family members.

Comment from patient’s family: “I would like to “Thank You” all for making my daughter’s last days so comfortable. I would also like to “Thank You” for adopting her sons for the holiday! Compassionate people are more of what this world needs.

These past two months have not been easy for her children or family, however, we know that god saw her pain and suffering and completed her mission. My daughter once said, “her greatest contributions to this world were her sons,” she loved them so much!!! Your call to me – wanting to do something for her boys for Christmas was indeed a show of compassion for these people you take care of. I was surprised and am grateful to you all! In October we participated in the Breast Cancer Walk and I spoke at church on behalf of my daughter and the countless others who have succumbed to this vicious disease. Here’s wishing all of you a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year!”

4200 nursing staff

Staff are being recognized by a patient’s wife for providing great care.

Comment from patients wife: “Thank you for the care, support and kindness that you provided to my husband and to all members of his family during his recent hospitalization. We were able to focus on him and special moments with family and friends. I never felt that I needed to focus on advocating for him to ensure quality care. Your skills and your personal care were a true blessing to him and to all of us. Shortly after leaving DeKalb Medical, my husband passed away in hospice care. With heartfelt appreciation, I hope you enjoy the red velvet cake.”

Radiance Carter and Tammy Poulnot

Radiance and Tammy are being recognized for showing compassion and going above and beyond to help a patient.

Comment from patient’s friend: “I have a friend here that at age 49 had a stroke a few weeks back. After being here about 10 days, he was told that they would have to discharge him in a few more days, and that there was no room for him in Physical Therapy. When I heard about this, I immediately went to Radiance Carter, Engagement and Experience, and explained that my friend was very anxious over this, and felt that if discharged, he would die if left on his own, having no family nearby to help him out. Radiance told me she would look into it and get back to me soon. Look into it she did! She connected with Tammy Poulnot, IP Rehab Support, immediately, and very quickly Tammy came to my office to explain what they would do for him. At that time, there were no beds available in the Rehab wing, but she knew a bed was coming available within a couple of days. I learned later from his family that he had no insurance, and when I spoke with Tammy again, she explained that it had been a factor in his original release date, but that they had decided to keep him. Both Radiance and Tammy have continued to give me updates on my friend’s situation, and what was in store for him, and they have continued to visit him to do the same.

It has been a rough road for my friend the last few weeks, having contracted pneumonia, which delayed his therapy, but he is getting stronger every day, and will be released next week. I will be escorting him to his sister’s home in Tucson, AZ, where she will help him along with his convalescence.

I am aware that Radiance and Tammy feel they were just doing their job, but to me and my friend’s family, they are both angels of mercy and compassion, and I would like everyone here to know about their dedication. Because the women were able to do what they did by extending his stay here, and with their help, my friend’s family in Tucson were able to start securing services there, such as rehab and medical services, so that shortly after his arrival, he will be able to continue with his care. Thank you, from all of us!”