Holiday Decoration Guidelines


As we approach the holiday season, please keep in mind these guidelines for hospital decorations:

  1. Live trees are not permitted in any areas. Live trees are extremely flammable when they dry out and one of the leading causes of holiday fires.
  2. Combustible decorations are prohibited unless they are flame-retardant (Check labels on decoration or package).
  3. Any type of live flame (including candles or incense) is not permitted.
  4. Decorations should not block entrances or exits or access to emergency devices such as fire extinguishers or fire alarm pull stations.
  5. Decorations should not block the visibility of exit signs.
  6. Decorations should not be installed where they present a tripping or safety hazard.
  7. Electric lights or decorations should not be used in patient care areas and all electrical devices or decorations need to be inspected by the Engineering Department.
  8. Decorations should not be attached to or suspended on the ceiling, sprinkler heads, lights, or other overhead features in hallways or corridors.

If you have questions about holiday decorations in your workspace, please contact Michael Crawford(15107) or Alan Green(15106) for North Decatur & Carl Lallerstedt (18152) for Hillandale and Downtown Decatur.

For home decoration safety tips visit

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!!!