WinWin! Applauds Antonio Hunter, Jess Griffiths, RN, Michael Nixon and Dr. Conduah



Antonio Hunter

Antonio is recognized for his hard work in planning and coordinating the 40-50 Years of Service event.

Comment from Manager of Workforce Planning & Retention: “This special event took place on October 13, 2016 at the Druid Hills Golf Club, and it was a huge success. One of the honorees was having a hard time finding the location. After multiple calls and directions given, she still was still lost.  Antonio took it upon himself to drive to where she was and lead her to the venue. Although the ceremony just ended by the time she arrived, she was still able to be recognized. In leaving to meet the employee, Antonio missed the ceremony and the recognition for his work in planning the event.  Kudos to Antonio for demonstrating our values of excellence, compassion, and helping hands!” 

Michael Nixon and Jess Griffiths, RN

Michael and Jess are being recognized for showing compassion and care to a family in need. 

Comment from Manager at Hillandale: “Tonight we had 2 young men come in, who looked around the ages of 16-17. They were looking to visit their mother who actually was not a patient at DMH but a patient at DMC. I advised they were at the wrong location, but judging by the look on their face they were very distraught. Security G4S officer Michael Nixon came up to ask if they had a ride and if they knew how to get to main campus, but the guys stated they walked to Hillandale. They don’t have anyone else besides them and their mom. I looked up the mother visit to see what was wrong and if possible maybe there is something we can do. After viewing her complaint I noticed they were trying to get to main campus because she was in cardiac arrest. I asked the guys if they could give us a moment and I will see what I can do to get them to their mother.

After calling to speak with the charge nurse, Jess Griffiths, I explained their situation and why they did not have a ride. She had no problem trying to help us find a way to get the boys to their mother. Jess offered a taxi voucher which the driver would receive after making way to main, but we figured there had to a better way. Security G4S officer Nixon, stated he could use his Uber account to have them to main campus quicker than waiting for a taxi. As he worked on the Uber, I contacted the Checker Cab company. Checker Cab stated they are unsure of the wait time or when someone would be out to get them to make the drive to main campus; however the Uber driver was only 10mins away.

Eventually, the Uber driver arrived in 10mins as the app promised. I contacted the charge nurse at main campus to let her know we were sending the patient’s children over via Uber so they arrive in a more timely manner and to expect them shortly.

I wanted to make sure that Security G4S officer Michael Nixon and main campus ED charge nurse Jess Griffiths were both recognized for their actions today. Thank you!!”

Dr. Conduah

Dr. Conduah received recognition for showing compassion during a patient’s visit.

Comment from patient: “True gift from God! It always amazes me when I go see Dr. Conduah, no matter how long it takes for me to go back in the office, he always remembers me! He treats me like family and doesn’t let me forget that I’m in charge of my health. He never lets me leave in pain and lets me know the steps needed to fix my knee. I travel about 45 minutes to an hour in traffic to visit his office and I wouldn’t change to another doctor for anything.”