WinWin! Applauds Kathy Courtney, RN, Cassie Outwater, Joel Schuessler, Elmer Kinder, RN and Mary Ikor, RN, DAISY award winners



Kathy Courtney, RN

Kathy is recognized by a patient’s family for taking excellent care of their child.

Patient family comment: “The family would like to thank nurse Kathy for her excellent care and assistance during our recent hospital visit. Learning that our child has type 1 diabetes had brought a cost of emotions and we have been struggling to find our center. Because of nurse Courtney’s care and information she provided, we have been able to find our center and feel that we will be able to deal with this disease as a family. Kathy Courtney is an asset to your organization and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts!

Cassie Outwater, patient service coordinator at Snellville Family Medicine

Cassie is being recognized consistent performance in providing a superior patient experience.

Director of Operations comment: “Cassie provides consistent performance in delivering a superior patient experience at Snellville Family Medicine. Since joining DMPG in March , 2015, Cassie and her team, including Dr. Yong Kim and PA Christina Goicochea, have consistently had six out of six domains at greater than 55%.

Patient comment about Snellville Family Medicine: ” I do not have the words to express how grateful I am for each one of you in this office. I was blown away by the genuine kindness displayed by everyone.  My heart was overwhelmed with gratitude and joy when I left the office.  Your love erased every fear I had – thank you!”

Joel Schuessler, VP of legal services and chief compliance officer

Joel was featured in an article in American Health Leader (AHL). The article shares the story of his passion and his path toward working in healthcare and ultimately at DeKalb Medical. Read the full article here,

Elmer Kinder, RN

Elmer is being recognized with a hand written note by a patient for being kind and knowledgeable.

Patient comment: “I have had my nurse for two nice nights and I would like to give thanks to my nurse Elmer. He is a very wonderful nurse; very hands on with his patients. He is always making sure you are as comfortable as you can be. He explains your medicine to you. He shows great leadership in what he does. More nurses need to be like him. He deserves a raise or bonus because good workers are hard to come across.  Just for him alone, I would tell anyone to go to this DeKalb Medical. It’s a good thing when you are not feeling good and you have a wonderful nurse to greet you with a smile. He’s very comforting and makes you feel like you’re at home.” 

Mary Ikor, RN

Mary is being recognized with a hand written note by a patient for providing outstanding service.

Patient comment: “Thanks for taking care of me, you were there for me when I needed your help. You are very kind and caring. You really do know how to talk to your patients. You did an outstanding job caring for me. Please keep on the good work that you are doing. Thanks once again for everything. May God bless you and your family.”

DAISY award winners

The winners of the inaugural DAISY awards, John Latta, RN,  Stephanie Kovach, RN and Jule’N Boothe, RN were recognized by their co-workers, patients, visitors or physicians for providing excellent service and showing compassionate care. The winners received one or more detailed stories. Read some of their story examples:

John Latta, RN

John was nominated for going above and beyond by many individuals. Here are a few:

“I nominate John Latta because he is an outstanding nurse. He goes above and beyond for his patients and staff. He is very compassionate and brightens up everyone’s day with his smile as he walks down the hallways. Dekalb should be very proud to have such an exceptional nurse. John truly inspires me to be a better person.” – Alicia, Phlebotomist

“From his patients to his coworkers, everyone is so excited to have him be a part of their day. I’ve worked many places and I have not had someone be so kind and supportive of new staff. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for being such a great preceptor to me. He really deserves the DAISY award.” Tina, Oncology

“As a new employee here at DMC, John has been extremely nice, taking time out to direct me in different directions and explaining how the floors and patient rooms are. Other have been helpful but John just really gives that extra attention. I also noticed that John really explains to patients what is going on with their care very thoroughly. Several patients have mentioned that about him to me personally. I would want him to be my nurse if needed.” Tonika, Lab

“John helps everyone! He always has a smile and doesn’t mind working hard. He has a huge heart and genuinely cares for people. I am an environmental service tech and to me it’s important that the patient rooms are kept up to par. John is always awesome at that, as well as stripping the rooms and IV poles when the patient is discharged. He shows his passion in all of his work and treats all of his coworkers with respect. I love John. He’s the greatest.” Destiny, Environmental Services

Stephanie Kovach, RN

“In my twenty-nine years of patient experience in hospitals around the country, I have never met a more compassionate, caring, respectful, and dedicated nurse. Stephanie saw through my diagnosis and treated me with dignity as a human being. Stephanie motivated me to meet my goal of breathing with ease. She has earned my trust in care. She works hand-in-hand with my doctor to coordinate and ensure the highest level of care that I have received in many years. Additionally, I have witnessed her care for other, more fragile patients in the hallways. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. If I ever have to be hospitalized again, I can only hope that my nurse is as skilled, compassionate, and respectful as Stephanie.” – One of Stephanie’s patients

Jule’N Boothe, RN

“Jule’N is a clinical coordinator on the the 4th floor at Hillandale and during her leader rounds she found a patient who was just diagnosed with lung cancer. The patient was devastated and she felt she needed further explanation from the physician. Jule’N went to get the doctor, pulled the family together, informed the nurse manager who came and spoke to the patient and worked with North Decatur to get the patient transferred to 4200. The follow through and compassion that she displayed made a challenging time better for the patient. I saw the patient at the oncologist office getting her first treatment. Patient stated “She is forever grateful to the team and especially Jule’N for all of her help and follow through.”  Kimberly, Nurse Manager