Cart Full of Comfort – One employee’s idea turns into a service for many


Research suggests that comfort care packs can support healing and growth for patient families. The purpose of the Palliative Care Comfort Cart is to improve the emotional well-being of family members, and facilitate methods to improve the grieving process.

Melanie Kinder, R.N. suggested this cart because of her own experiences with loss and grief and the positive and negative responses she received at various hospitals during the passing of both her parents and two siblings. The Nurses who are participating in the Clinical Ladders program developed this group project to improve the patient and family experience during end of life situations. To receive the care cart, a patient must meet the following criteria: 1) Must be a current in-patient or GIP patient. 2) Imminent death within 12- 24 hours. 3) Have a designated significant other or caregiver.

Collaboration was a key aspect in the successful implementation Palliative care cart. Members of the Clinical Ladders Program Candidates who helped with this project are Melanie Kinder, Freddie G. Monroe, Julia Brathwaite, and Heather Hunnighan. Support and instruction was received from Pat McQueen, R.N. Clinical Educator; Elizabeth Robinson, R.N. Clinical Coordinator, Marti Shavers R.N., Infection Control; Terry Chaffin, Engineering Department.