WinWin! Applauds Cancer Department, Dr. Stephens, DeKalb Medical and Dr. Carmen Echols


Cancer Department

A patient’s daughter recognized members of the Cancer department and follow up staff for taking good care of her mother.

Comment from a patient’s daughter: “It’s a great place [DeKalb Medical]. My mom had her last chemo treatment. The staff, Dr. Stephens, the nurses and also the department that follows up on you are so caring. My mom is a fighter but the strength comes from those around her. Thanks to everyone who played a part.”

DeKalb Medical and Dr. Carmen Echols

A patient recognized DeKalb Medical for having good experiences and thanked Dr. Echols for the referral.

Comment from Patient: “It was my first time [at DeKalb Medical] and it measured up to all of my expectations. Now I can say that I have two awesome hospitals I can go to. I just moved to the state and I’m loving the care that I received from both DeKalb Medical Centers. I thank Dr. Carmen Echols for referring me to the best.”